Panel Saw


When Precision Matters, Choose BGM

BGM understands that wise investments in the latest technology lead to quality results. In order to make sure each sheet of our high performance laminate and plastic that we create is cut to our customers exact specifications, we utilize a CNC panel saw system. The incredibly accurate saw, along with state of the art software, is an investment that demonstrates our commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction. BGM spares no expense when it comes to providing the best products and service to our valued customers.

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We Produce Great Products Responsibly And Efficiently

Our production process utilizes the precision of our CNC Panel Saw to minimize waste. Combine that with its power saving feature when not in use, its upgrade-as-needed modular construction, and its ability to track left over materials for use in future products, and it becomes apparent how our workflow is good for both our customers and the environment.

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